August 2, 2005
We are switching the server to Battlefield 2, at this moment we already
run the Demo.

November 24, 2004
Due to a new network configuration our server does have a new IP.

The new IP for all servers is:

December 13, 2003
The server is moved to another location today, due to this move the server IP also has changed.

The new IP for all servers is:

November 17, 2003
Both Enemy Territory servers are closed.
The Global Operations server is running on 14 players again.

The stats wont be updated on daily base anymore only at the end of the month.

Our server will move to another location soon, maybe on the same universaty, but most likely on another one.

May 2, 2003
We did update the website again, it isnt 100% ready yet but we are getting close.
The complete month stats of April are online and the stats from May are also online and will be updated every day.

February 21, 2003
I`ve updated the download page with two new maps, the first map is called Iceworld and is made by StrayFire, the second map is called VillaBacho and is made by Amokei.

You can find both maps in our download section.

February 19, 2003
We have a Team Speak 2 server running at:

Get your TeamSpeak client here: TeamSpeak Homepage.

February 1, 2003
Finaly we are done with the Black Hawk Down map called Mogadishu, you can find it in our download section. Its packed with a new night version of the Morocco map.

January 1, 2003
First of all we want to wish everyone a Happy New Year with a lot of gaming fun. You can find the complete December stats in our Stats section, also January stats are online already.

November 7, 2002
The maps section from the site has change to Downloads.
More downloads are added in this new/changed section.
If you think we did miss something that should be there also just write a message on our forum.

November 6, 2002

Yeah Puma is back in bussiness, this morning he did update the Stats.
from September and October, i hope November will follow soon.
Also our forum is back.

November 3, 2002
Still no news from Puma, so we all have to wait for updated Stats.
Proboards7 server is down, so our forum is also down at this moment.

September 4, 2002
The stats have been interrupted for about one week.
They are back online.
3 TWL war reports are also online.
Next update: not before September 14th.

August 20, 2002
This page isn't updated as often as the rest of the site.
Quite strange for the "News" page. So here is a quick update: The Lost Paradise is hosting matches for the TWL Euro Ladder. A dedicated section is open on this web site, with nice match reports. If you need a server to host your matches, go to the forum to place your request.

August 1, 2002

The Lost Paradise is a world in extension: you can now play on 2 different servers. Different environments, but same stats, so don't hesitate to join The Lost Paradise II - With Custom Maps.

July 29, 2002

Opening of the Screenshot Contest.

July 20, 2002

{LIA} clan banned from TLP (see Hall of Shame).
The skill calculation rules are datailed in the Stats section.

July 13, 2002

Some custom maps are added to the server. Go to the Maps section to download them.

July 11, 2002

The forum is open.

July 10, 2002

Map packs updated.

July 2, 2002

The site is open! Not a lot of stuff for the moment, but more will come. The stats pages will be updated daily, and we will announce on this page all main events. Come back as often as you want.