He couldnt find Osama so he decided to use his bullets for his teammates, after a warning of an admin he started to yell and curse, he is perm banned.

- PADDY@_@
He uses rocks to cover his sorry ass in and also use his turbo backpack for extra speed, he is perm banned for this.

- RasenNr1(SAD)
This guy likes to be in (re)spawn places and kill everyone that does respawn, he is perm banned now.

- Professional
He did call all kind of racial names to an admin, he`s perm banned for this.

- 911 lol
Did hide in a rock in SriLanka and sniped from there, he is perm banned for doing this.

Two members of this Russian clan tried climbing the snow rocks of Chechnya without proper gear, this is a great risk for us so they are permanently banned from TLP.

- Andrews
He shot one of the admins at respawn, and did it again some minutes later. He is now banned from TLP.

- Pual, Ranger 3, lost soul
They were walking on the roof off the temple in Sri Lanka. This is strictly forbidden. One may fall and our insurance cannot cover up for this risk. We kindly asked them to step down and they refused. They are permanently banned from TLP.

- Mad Boy
Apparently pissed off by a lack of team balance, he swapped and started killing his new team-mates. There is no good reason to intentionally kill team-mates. Don't do that again Mad Boy, or you'll be banned.

- {LIA} clan
- {LIA}-I'll6Kill6You6
- {LIA}DatWuzMyBullet
- {LIA}-Vertigo

These cheaters steal money from the Global Operations central bank. They massively buy LAWs and continuously blow their opponents. They are now banned from TLP and from many other servers.