Welcome to The Lost Paradise homepage.

The Lost Paradise is running several servers and is located in The Netherlands.
All services are free, public, non-commercial and managed by volunteers that just want you to enjoy playing games.

New map: Backstreets

Get it HERE
Unzip backstreets.zip in your \Crave\Global Operations\ directory and overwrite resources.txt

Global Operations Update v3.51 / GlobalOps Revival

Get it HERE or download GlobalOps Revival
(containing GlobalOps 3.5.1 and a great number of maps HERE.)

Global Operations

Server Name: The Lost Paradise
Server IP/Port: : 28672

Ventrilo Server

Server IP/Port: : 3784

These servers run on a AMD Opteron 180, 2 GB RAM DDR PC3200,
100mbit Full Duplex link, FreeBSD 6.4

If you want to talk with an admin or report a problem go to:
Our irc channel
#thelostparadise on Gamesurge
or join our forum