GlobalOps 3.5


This page contains a patch set for GlobalOps. This release is called 3.5 and can be used to replace the previous versions. For more information, mail or post on the TLP forum or the GlobalOps.EU forum. This patch set contains fixes for the following issues:

Linux server:

Windows server:

Windows client:


Some of these fixes may not ring a bell with anyone, so we'll explain a bit more. The 'remote admin password hack' was a bug in the server, which made the server send all the server configuration, including the admin password, to the client. The moneycheat bug was caused by unsufficient checks in the server when someone would buy and sell weapons and armour. The map objective removal problem means that sometimes the objective (canister, cross, that kinda stuff) would disappear. This was because the server didn't check if the dropped object was a gun/grenade/whatever or an objective. The fix is to add such checks. The Linux server was also adapted to be able to configure the timesync kicks. Previously, people were kicked too soon when there were timesync problems. Now, this is configurable: the option 'timesynccheck' is now a counter. If it's set to 4, people will be kicked after 4 time desyncs. This version also contains some anticheat-stuff which makes popular GlobalOps bots ineffective. The following bug fixes to the animations and maps have been made:

General bugfixes Fixes in animation.txt Fixes in animspecialty.txt Fixes in animequip.txt Quebec Colombia Chechnya SouthChinaSea SriLanka

Known Issues:


The Windows version is currently 3.5.1. This version was tested on Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista Ultimate.

Windows (client/server): GlobalOps-351.exe
Make a backup of your "C:\Program Files\Crave\Global Operations"-folder first, then run this installer. GlobalOps 3.5.1 will be installed automatically.
Linux (server only): GlobalOps-35.tar.gz
Make a backup of your installation directory first, then go to the installation directory of GlobalOps and untar this tarball using 'tar -xzf globalops-3.5.tar.gz'. To finish the installation, copy the goserver.elf binary from bin/linux_release/goserver.elf over your old copy of goserver. This Linux version does not need the, and files anymore.