Before the war...

1 hour before the match, Pioter and Necroid were still looking for a server.
They joined #thelostparadise on gamesnet (irc) where, as usual, some of The Lost Paradise admins were chatting. After some short discussions, we decided to quickly setup TLP1 for this match. While setting it according to TWL rules, and announcing that the server was about to be closed, we interviewed the clan leaders:

Puma: How do you feel before this first match?
{TnT}Pioter: We know that =|FAT|= is a strong clan, we're not sure if we'll win
Puma: Not very optimistic
{TnT}Pioter: Yes I don't have one of my best players Horhe
Puma: Did you train a lot before this match?
{TnT}Pioter: Yes we started some trainigs but it wasn't too hard :)
Puma: A team is always stronger than a group of individuals, isn't it?
{TnT}Pioter: We believe in teamplay and tactics and all should be fine :)
Puma: Tell me more about your tactics?
{TnT}Pioter: Well, we use voice communication and know each other, play our best classes and try to work together :)
Puma: What is your prefered map among the 3 you'll play?
{TnT}Pioter: We were getting ready for the North Africa map to test our skill in protecting the VIP which is very hard
Puma: Who will be your VIP, and why did you chose him?
{TnT}Pioter: Our VIP will be Tristr@m cause he plays Demoman and we won't need demoman in defending that much, and he was training much for it :)
{TnT}Pioter: Well its a simple map I think and well known and firepower will be our key :)
Puma: What is the usual composition of your team?
{TnT}Pioter: Medic, Recon, Demoman, rest are Commandos or Heavy Gunners if they want. Sometimes snipers if the map is good for that
Puma: Anything else to add before the match?
{TnT}Pioter: Well we hope the pings will be good and server won't crash ;))
Puma: I hope so
Puma: Good luck then
{TnT}Pioter: Yeah thanx :)
Puma: How do you feel before this first match?
=|FAT|=Necroid: Hmmm, a little better now we have a server, but I think my clan is ready for a war
Puma: Did you train a lot before this match?
=|FAT|=Necroid: Last week we did.
Puma: Any special tactics for the maps (NAfrica, SriLanka, Mexico)?
=|FAT|=Necroid: No not really, but we have trained on them today, and NAfrica went pretty good for what I expected from that map
Puma: NAfrica is pretty different on each side, do you have a preference?
=|FAT|=Necroid: I dont like that map, but we have to play both sides
Puma: Who will be your VIP, and why did you chose him?
=|FAT|=Necroid: I am not sure yet, Calabero or Snipe
Puma: You'd better know;) Will you use voice communication?
=|FAT|=Necroid: No we won't. We tried to use it a couple of times but it doesn't work. BTW: sebex will be the VIP.
Puma: What about SriLanka? Any tips about this big map?
=|FAT|=Necroid: Not really, we are just going to stick as a team until we get to the communication centre.
Puma: What is the normal composition of your team (recon, medic...)?
=|FAT|=Necroid: Psych is the recon, 1ne-clip HG, snipe and me are medic, calaberro is going to be commando and sebex will change.
Puma: Anything else to add before the match?
=|FAT|=Necroid: No really..."May the best clan win" :p (cliché)
Puma:Ok, good luck
=|FAT|=Necroid: thx

D-Day: August 11, 2002 - 22:00 CET

After some minor problems with passwords and other server setup issues, the =|FAT|= guys launch their attack to the Tower of SriLanka. The rush is a success. {TnT} is not yet ready and the bunker is captured in less than 1 minute. Some {TnT} warriors still resist out of the Temple, but they are quickly eliminated. The wall blown, =|FAT|= enters in the Temple: intense fights with grenades of all kinds and full auto bursts. =|FAT|=Psych finds his way to the Communication Centre. He plants the bomb and with the help of =|FAT|=Calaberro, he prevents any {TnT} boys to defuse it. As most of his clan, he dies, but the bomb explodes while {TnT}Volwerine604 and {TnT}TrisTr@m are trying to defuse it.
{TnT} 0 - 1 =|FAT|=

This time {TnT} attacks. They reach the bunker is less than 90 seconds. {TnT}Pioter is blasted by a remote C4 when approching the bomb. The fight quickly moves to the Temple. But =|FAT|= is defending it strongly, and stopped the bomb carrier 4 times. They make good use of medics to heal team-mates between attacks. {TnT} progresses slowly. They try all the routes to the Communication Centre, but there is always a =|FAT|= warrior on their way. Time is up, =|FAT|= resisted to all {TnT} attacks.
{TnT} 0 - 2 =|FAT|=

New location: Beirut. =|FAT|=Calaberro is the VIP. The =|FAT|= tactic is to send =|FAT|=Psych, the fast recon, to kill the AA soldiers. They are killed in less than 3 minutes, and =|FAT|= boys start to respawn in the Embassy. But the VIP is still stuck in the crash building. They have to return to the first building where {TnT} guys are waiting for them. After 9 minutes fighting around the crash building, the area is clear. The VIP rushes out for 1 minute, and falls on the barrel of {TnT}Zdzicho's UMP45 near the UN second respawn building.
{TnT} 1 - 2 =|FAT|=

{TnT}TrisTr@m is now the VIP. He is injured in the very first minutes of the round. {TnT}Pioter heals him, then he returns to the back of the crash building to wait for a better time to exit. =|FAT|= prevents the UN to go out of the building. They even manage to enter and hide in the shade of the first floor. Grenades are flying and not always in the good direction: =|FaT| is blasted by a grenade thrown by =|FaT| 8 minutes after the beginning of the round, the first AA soldier is killed. All the {TnT} team rushes out of the crash building, clearing the way for the VIP. {TnT}TrisTr@m tries to join his rescuers but his timing is wrong and he ends up surrounded by a new wave of yelling terrorists. He is finally slaughtered by =|FaT|=Sebex.
{TnT} 1 - 3 =|FAT|=

The final words

{TnT}Pioter: Thanks again to the TLP admins for a server on such a short notice. The =|FAT|= clan is strong and very well organized team, thats why we challenged them. We had much fun and think it will go much better when the pings are even. But we wanted to play so badly today to get the TWL moving. We thank the =|FAT|= clan for a Great Game.

Sidenotes from the admin

All the players were using fair and team oriented tactics, though =|FAT|= probably made a better use of the different roles.
=|FAT|= was using text radio messages to communicate.
The average ping was below 130ms for the whole team.
{TnT} used RogerWilco, but they had higher and less constant pings.
The stats of the match are available here.