Before the war...

BarbarossA: How do you feel before this match?
Diceman: Excited, it's our first war, against our allies so i hope this will be a spectacular match.
Q: Did you train a lot for this war?
A: Well, we made tacmaps for the warmaps and we train 2 times a week and currently discussing the possibility of a third training day.
Q: Tell me about your tactics on the match maps.
A: Well, we use taskforces; we split the squad in groups and each group has specific tasks to do. We also use communication to ease this.
Q: Which map do you prefer out of those three?
A: Mexico. Not hard to choose that one.
Q: Why?
A: It's very balanced and both teams have an equal chance of winning due to map design; it really shows which team is best. In my humble view that is :)
Q: Ok. What is the usual composition of your team?
A: The basic taskforce is commando-medic-recon. Beki and I can play recon quite well; Diabolus (who is absent) is a very good medic, so is Tyras and E2 is one hell of a sniper. E2 and me are good commandos as well.
Q: Anything to add before the match?
A: I hope this will be a victory for TWL Europe, for the TLP server and for the game itself. Thx.
Q: Thanks for the interview and good luck.
A: And off course good luck to FaT. Thx for the server.

D-Day: August 18, 2002 - 20:00 CET

After some difficulties for =|FaT|= to have a full team the match finally starts with two replacement players. The first map is South China Sea, and =[F0X]= is attacking. They immediately rush torwards the engines. After 30 seconds and a few shots, the engines are stopped and all the =|FaT|= guys are down. Nothing left on their way to the bridge, =[F0X]= achieves the mission in 1 minute.
=[F0X]= 1 - 0 =|FaT|=

Same map, teams switch.The assault of =|FaT|= is fast and they stop the engines in 40 seconds without any loss. But after that they ran into some troubles. =[F0X]=Lawless is reconning for =[F0X]= E[-]2 that kills the first 2 =|FaT|= boys that try to reach the bridge. And =[F0X]=dr.Nolan heals =[F0X]= E[-]2 between the fights. That's teamwork! On the other side =|FaT| is also guiding his team-mates with his LSD, and they manage to break through from the north side. After some heavy fighting on and around the bridge they won. It took them less than 4 minutes.
=[F0X]= 1 - 1 =|FaT|=

Change of map, USA, and =|FAT|= starts as attacking team. The whole team follows =|FaT|=SnI_pE that is carrying the bomb. They rush upstairs by the east side, but =[F0X]=Diceman is waiting for them and kills =|FaT|=SnI_pE and =|FaT|=Sebex with the same grenade. =|FaT| and =|FaT|=Necroid clear the way for =|FaT|=Bullet, now carrying the bomb. Heavy fire in the corridors: 7 kills in 30 seconds and =|FaT|=Bullet is team-killed by =|FaT| =[F0X]= are now defending the eastern turbines, and several =|FaT|= guys are killed trying to move the bomb to the turbines. =|FaT|=SnI_pE managed to plant it but some =[F0X]= warriors push them back and kill the guys that should protect the bomb from being defused. =[F0X]=Tyras starts defusing it while =|FaT|= clan tries to get in the room again to stop him but too late: the bomb is defused.
=[F0X]= 2 - 1 =|FaT|=

Now the second round starts and =[FOX]= has to plant the bomb, they also get into the building by the right side to plant it near the east turbines. When they are just upstairs they all get killed and the bomb keeps lying in the hallway, after several attempts to reach the bomb from both sides they managed to get the bomb at the eastern turbine. But when =[F0X]=Lawless starts planting it, he is killed and the bomb stays on the ground unplanted. After a new respawn, =[F0X]=Lawless enters the building from the west side and rushes to the east side, he starts to fire from upstairs and at the same time some team-mates are in a battle down in the hallway to the turbine. =[F0X]=Lawless goes downstairs and kills the last enemy that is defending the dropped bomb, now =[F0X]=Lawless does a tactical move: he takes the bomb and runs with it to the west turbine and plants it there. At that time most of the =|FaT|= team rushes to the eastern turbine to defuse it and when they find out that the bomb is planted in the opposite side, it is too late to defuse it. They try but =[F0X]= is defending the area and the turbine blows up.
=[F0X]= 3 - 1 =|FaT|=

The final words

=|FAT|=Necroid: It was a very good match from both teams and =[F0X]= was better this war. They're worth being at the 1st place at the moment.

Sidenotes from the admin

There were some technical problems during this match:

A respawn bug in South China Sea caused =|FaT|=Necroid and =[F0X]=Lawless to suicide.
Spookstah replaced Barbarossa as admin after that his PC crashed. He lost some nice screenshots and the interview from =|FaT|=Necroid.
2 =[F0X]= players have been disconnected during the last round, but they quickly came back, and it did not cause too much disadvantage for this team since they won this round.
Sorry for those problems. We hope that you enjoyed the match anyway.
The stats of the match are available here.